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Calgary Registry Fee Price List

We are sorry for the inconvenience. The prices on this page will be updated in January 2020. Many of the Motor Vehicle services will be increasing on January 1st. In addition, the CRA has ruled that most products are not subject to GST, so the majority of registry services will no longer have tax added to the service fee portion.
Vehicle Registration (1 year)
Motorcycle Registration (1 year)
Transfer Plate
Replace Tabs, Plate or Registration
Trailer Plate (permanent)
In-Transit Permit
Out of Province Inspection Form
Salvage Inspection Form
Cancel Plate
Handicapped Placard
Vehicle Information Report
Personalized License Plates
Operator Licence (5 year)
Transfer Out Of Province Licence
Replace Lost or Stole License or ID
Reclass License
ID Card (5 years)
Knowledge Test
Oral Knowledge Test
Driver’s Abstract (3, 5 or 10 year)
Ignition Interlock Application
Ignition Interlock Appeal
Reinstatement (demerits)
Reinstatement (alcohol)
Road Testing
Class 1 Truck $217
Class 2 $167
Class 3 $155
Class 4 Taxi/Uber $141
Class 5 Basic (GDL) $83
Class 5 Advanced (non-GDL) $138
Class 6 Motorcycle $143
Business Registrations
Incorporation (Basic)
NUANS Report
Minute Book
Named Alberta Incorporated Company with Legal Ease Articles, Bylaws and Minute Book
Annual Return
Trade Name/Sole Proprietorship
Corporate Changes
 Extra-Provincial Registration
Registered Address
Corporate Search
Vital Statistics
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate
Marriage License
Rush (courier to our office)
Search Letter
Legal Name Change
Lien Search
Lien Registration (1 year)
Amendment to Lien
Lien Discharge
Writ Registration
Writ Renewal
Other Services/Retail
Carproof Verified Report (without BC)
Carproof Verified Report (with BC)
Commissioner for Oaths
Fax (local)
Fax (long distance)
Canadian Citizenship Flash Cards
Learner’s Test Flash Cards
Amharic Driver’s Guide
Arabic Driver’s Guide
Chinese Driver’s Guide
Hindi Driver’s Guide
Punjabi Driver’s Guide
Spanish Driver’s Guide
Vietnamese Driver’s Guide
New Driver Window Cling
Anti-Theft Licence Plate Screws
Legal Kits (by Legal Ease)
Collecting on Your Judgment $47.20
Corporate Record Keeping $47.20
Debt Collection & Suing – Up to $25K $47.20
Employees & Independent Contractors $47.20
Limiting Your Liabilities $47.20
Personal Directives and Enduring Powers of Attorney $47.20
Shareholder Agreements $47.20
Starting and Operating Your Business $47.20
Wills Kit $49.35