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Alberta Licence Plate Renewal

Practice good “Social Distancing” by letting us renew your tabs and mail them back to you. Renew online and our staff at East Calgary Registry will process the service for you. No need to visit the registry office and wait in line. If there are any overdue fines, we will contact you for authorization to pay these off for you as well.

This service is available for passenger vehicles only and there can’t be any changes. If any changes are required (i.e. change of address), you will need to attend a registry office to have your motor vehicle file updated. At this time, East Calgary Registry is planning to remain open to provide you with essential Alberta Registry services. Please continue to check our homepage for up-to-the minute updates on the status of our registry.

What if I don’t have my previous registration papers?

Don’t have the previous registration certificate? In this case, you will need to visit the registry to do your renewal. As long as the vehicle is registered in your name, we can use your Driver’s Licence to access your motor vehicle file. Don’t forget to bring proof of insurance.

Renewing for Someone Else

If you want to renew someone else’s registration, we can do it as long as you have proof of insurance, a digital or paper copy of the registration, and your driver’s licence. If the registration has been expired for three months or longer, the owner of the vehicle will need to provide you with a Vehicle Authorization Form. Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to the account (address, etc.).

How much does registration cost?

The cost will depend on the term – for a passenger (non commercial class) vehicle for 12 months, it will be $93. If you are registering for less or more than the 12 month term, the cost will be prorated. To find out which month your personal or company licence plate will expire, refer to the Registration Month Expiry Chart.  Call us at 403 272-5513 to find out the exact cost.

If there are any changes to be made to the account (i.e. address, phone, lease status etc.), the account holder must be present in the office to sign for the changes.

What if I have fines?

If there are any fines on your account which are overdue, you will need to pay off the fines before we can renew your plate. The cost is the original fine cost, plus late fees, plus a $9 service fee per ticket for us to clear them for you.

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