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Update Registration

It’s important to keep your Motor Vehicle account current. When you move, change your name or your phone number, you have up to 14 days to update your Driver’s Licence or Vehicle Registration. We don’t need to see any documentation to prove your new address, but do verify that you know the correct address or your new licence will not arrive.

The address on your vehicle registration, vehicle insurance and driver’s licence should all be the same and you can get a ticket if these addresses do not match. When you come in to change the address, we can re-print the vehicle registration with the new address.

Please note that you cannot authorize another individual to make name, phone or address changes to your account.

Note: it’s a good idea to update your Alberta Health Care account at the same time. There is no charge for this service – be sure to ask you clerk.

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Keep your Alberta Health Care account up to date to ensure continued coverage. There is no cost to you and we can complete the service at the same time that you renew your licence or vehicle.

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Have you checked that your Driver's Licence is still valid? The Government of Alberta no longer mails out renewal notifications.